Letter to Parents

Greetings Parents,

The Mobile Hornets Youth Basketball League welcomes you to the Youth Sports Program! A goal of the Mobile Hornets Youth Basketball League is for all youth sports participants, both parents and children, to have an enjoyable sporting experience. Skill development is the main component of all MHYBL Youth Sports. Competitive games are a part of every season, and each child will play in every game.  Of course, a FUN and friendly environment is characteristic of the MHYBL program.

Youth Sports programs are possible by the dedication of volunteer workers. Many volunteers put in several hours of work to make the MHYBL program a success. Thank you to all of the MHYBL volunteers who invest time and energy into the lives of young people today. If you are interested in future volunteer opportunities, including coaching, please contact us.

Families are very important to the Mobile Hornets Youth Basketball League! Please take an interest in your child by supporting him/her during the practices and games. Also, time spent with your child at home in sports skills development builds confidence and parent-child relationships.

Thanks for your participation. We look forward to serving you and your child in our Youth Sports program. If you have any comments or questions, please call the Mobile Hornets Youth Basketball League at 251.272.2316


Sherwonda Southall




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